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Keeping your options simple and centralised...

If you are a contractor, Paybuddi are here to simplify the way you are paid. Using an umbrella company can save you stress and time, leaving you with more energy to focus on what you do best, however there are other options available too…

Umbrella Solutions

A popular payroll option for contractors which provides an ‘employed’ status. Our umbrella service provides legal employee status and access to entitlements such as sick pay, maternity/ paternity pay, holiday pay and overarching employee rights. With tax and National Insurance contributions paid at source, the umbrella option is an easy option for many contractors.

PAYE Employed Model

Similar to the umbrella model, you will be paid using the PAYE system, with tax and NI deducted for you, leaving you with no unexpected tax bills. With benefits for contractors such as full employment rights, sick and maternity/paternity pay, plus a choice of holiday pay and pension options. It differs from the umbrella model as contractors may only be as ‘employed’ for the length of any given contract or assignment.


Experiencing cold sweats when it comes to calculating tax & national insurance contributions? Paybuddi has it all in hand. If you are a self-employed contractor in the construction industry, it is likely you are registered under the Construction Industry Scheme. We can assist you to file your self assessment tax return and calculate if you are entitled to any repayments.

Limited Company (LTD)

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so setting up a limited company may be the ideal solution between a client and contractor. Self-employed contractors working through their own limited company can access a portfolio of financial and taxation services via our third-party accountancy partner, making the whole process a breeze.

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